Why Most People Do Not Have A Will?

  • Ignorance
Many people are unsure of the function of the Will and the importance of having one to protect the future of their loved ones.
  • Procrastination
“I’ll do it tomorrow, lah. I am not going to die yet.” One is never too young; it can only be too late. Just like insurance, you are never too young to buy insurance to cover yourself, so why wait for writing your Will. Don’t waste time. Life can end any time, and if you write a Will today, then you have fewer worries tomorrow. In addition, one requirement for writing a Will is – mental/sound mind. If procrastinate too long, we may not be able to do so any more. Like insurance, above certain age cannot buy any more.

Don’t Procrastinate, write a Will to protect your loved ones!!

Leave behind a legacy of LOVE

  • Superstition Belief
“Touch wood! I’m not dying yet!” Writing a Will has nothing to do with death. It is about planning the distribution of your wealth and protection of your loved ones after you have died. There are many benefits of having a Will. In Hong Kong, which is the one most superstitious society, many have written their Will, about 20% of the eligible population. There, a Will is called ‘a peace book’ which gives the person peace of mind when it is written, not having to worry about how his properties will be distributed and when his loved one to get it.
  • Misconception that it is expensive
Writing a Will is not expensive compared to purchasing an insurance policy where you pay monthly premiums and where you purchase a house with a huge stamp duty fee payable. The Will will ensure that all your assets be distributed in the manner you wish.
  • It is for the ‘Rich Man’ only
“Only rich people need to write a Will”. As long as you have possessions, assets, anything you want to pass on, then you need to ensure that the right people receive what you feel they deserve. Otherwise, the law makes decision, which may not subscribe to your wishes and lead to long legal process of distributing the assets. A Will unlock your personal belongings and assets quickly, thus lessening the burden on your family.