Frequently Asked Questions

Why consider becoming a Rockwills estate Planner? Is there a market?


According to the statistics, it is shown that almost 90% of Malaysian adults have not written their Will. In addition, News recently reported on ‘there are RM42 billion unclaimed cash and assets left by the dead in Malaysia’. Therefore, it is through Rockwills that you get the opportunity to penetrate this huge market to build a large business.

Why join Rockwills as a Professional Estate Planner?

Rockwills is the fastest growing company in the Will-writing and Estate Planning Industry. 

You will have a reputable company behind you as Rockwills is the market leader and No. 1 in estate planning in Malaysia.

What is the basic qualification required to join Rockwills as a Professional Estate Planner?

There is no specific qualification. 

You are able to join us as long as you pass the Will and Trust Examination.

How much can I earn?

This will depend on the commitment you make to this business; after all you are your own boss. 

If you are full-time and committed Rockwills Estate Planner, you can earn at least RM5,000.00 per month. 
Our top producers are earning over RM500,000.00 a year. Since the introduction of perpetual income of Estate Administration and Trust services in 2006, Rockwills Estate Planners’ income has been improving tremendously.

How does Rockwills pays a franchisee? Is it based on commission?

There is no basic pay, the income is commission based. 

In addition, we reward an overseas trip to all franchisee who achieve the qualification for the incentive trip.

I am not good in English. Do I have to draft Will?

No, you don’t have to. 

You merely gather the client’s relevant information, fill up the Will-Writing Instruction Form (WWIF) and send it to Professional Will-Writing Service Centre (PSC) or Legal Department.

How to promote my business?

There are many ways to promote the estate planning services provided by you, such as through advertisements in newspapers and/or magazines, flyers distribution, participating in the exhibition, organizing public seminar/talks, social networks etc.

Does Rockwills provide support to franchisees?

Yes, our franchisees will receive comprehensive training programme regularly which covers the legal, trust services and marketing aspects of the business and support from our experienced staffs, our team of in-house legal advisors and our full time team leaders. 

We have nationwide branches and Rockwills Service centres to support our franchisees.