One Trust

“Both of my parents passed away when they were on their way back to their hometown. Suddenly, I had to shoulder a huge responsibility and had to stay strong as I have three siblings to take care of. Although my parents have written their wills, I was told that the distribution will take some time and it is important to get the court order in order to administer my parents’ estate. While I was worrying about the payment for the funeral and estate administration expenses and also my siblings’ maintenance, a call from Rockwills Trustee Berhad was a huge relief for us from a trust that had been set up by my parents, the insurance proceeds that formed the trust fund was partly used to pay off the various expenses and my siblings and I managed to continue on our normal lives until the estate probate was in place.”

– Melissa


It is a simple and effective Trust set up to have an option to pay for Solicitor’s fee and expenses to begin the process to apply for Probate, reimbursement of funeral expenses, initial estate administration fees of Rockwills Trustee Berhad as executor and trustee, the total outstanding amounts to your property and hire purchase loans, the credit card liabilities, etc. and to distribute life insurance proceeds to the named beneficiaries without any hassle and delay. As a result your loved ones need not be burdened with having to search for funds to apply for Probate and deal with your creditors and your loved ones would be able to receive their inheritance quickly and without any hassle.


  • The process to apply for Grant of Probate can begin quickly without asking others for money;
  • Money can be immediately available for:

    i. the reimbursement of funeral expenses;
    ii. solicitors fees to apply for the Grant of Probate;
    iii. third party expenses and initial estate administration fees of Rockwills Trustee Berhad as executor and trustee;
    iv. paying the outstanding debts; and
    v. the credit card liabilities
  • It is better than insurance nomination, simpler than UProtect;
  • One-Trust can be signed immediately;
  • Beneficiaries can be changed at anytime;
  • Settlor can determine the duration of the trust;
  • Settlor can name 2 groups of beneficiaries of his choice;
  • It can be revoked anytime


  • Specialised knowledge of various issues pertaining to estate planning;
  • Expertise from many years of experience;
  • Continuity in administering the trust;
  • Dedication to manage and administer the trust;
  • Impartial to all the beneficiaries;
  • Trustworthy and accountable as a licensed trustee;
  • Professional
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